Sunday, May 31, 2009

A sunny day in Edmonds

This is what I did this past weekend. Instead of working on any of the three sweaters I have going at this moment in time, I chucked it all and went to the beach with friends with children. The riffle where the girls are playing was warm as bath water. We splashed, yelled, filled buckets with sand, and just basked in an early taste of summer. I will get back to working on Both Ways, Celtic Dreams and Hanover; this day was just sun, sand and seawater.

By the by, I have been keeping a low profile since the registration for Sock Summit this past Tuesday. By some miracle, I managed to best the server monster, and scored a spot in Stephanie's Knitting for Speed class. I know this is the class that every one wanted, including me. After the lesson of Madrona, I had steeled myself for getting shut out. I know (now) better than to get too excited about these conferences, until you are actually confirmed in a class. So when the server for SS09 went down, wouldn't load, and kicked me out repeatedly, I knew what to expect. Then the carnage was over, and I was left holding a confirmation email that said I was enrolled in Saturday morning Knitting for Speed and Efficiency. I still can't quite believe it, and am trying not to feel guilty. The disappointed howls from Ravelry are deafening. Stephanie and Tina have actually received threatening emails!!!!! I will not feel guilty. I couldn't get Knitting for Speed at Madrona; this time is my turn, and I hope for others they will have turns too. Now just have to save up and wait for August.

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