Saturday, November 3, 2007

Attack of the Blog-goblins

So my last post, which I had planned as a picture heavy introduction to the lastest member of my machine family, really turned into reality check of how little I know about using the tools to create an effective blog. After nearly losing a good portion of a hard fought blog post to the Blog-goblins, I have set out to learn as much as I can about how to use the Blogger software. In the meantime, I will confine myself to less ambitious posts, and work on honing my blog skills.

This is what has been happening on the small knitting front:
MS3/Swan Lake-still moving slowly along. I think one of the blog-goblins got into this project. I make good progress for awhile, then mess up on a grand scale, nessecitating ripping of about 1/2 of my progress...two steps forward, one step back. I'd love to have this ready in time for holiday parties, but at this rate it may be holidays '08.

Christmas present #1-(surprise) moving along nicely, considering I have to keep this one under wraps. Looks good!

Christmas present #2-EZ's Prime-rib Watch cap for AB-kind of sitting on the back burner...

I attended Knit-Nite at Village Yarn and Tea last night. I tend to be shy and awkward in social situations, so I tend to avoid them, even as I yearn to be more social, especially with other knitters. But I was lured in by the irresistible promise of Noro on sale! I wandered back and forth, longingly fondling fibers and contemplating luscious colors. But all the while, I was drawn to the corner where my secret crush is calling to me…
Kauni. Sigh. I desperately covet this yarn, but the color palate available on this day, while stunning, does not suit me. As I stand like a pole, fingering and dithering, I manage to snag a few moments with the very charming and very busy Deb, who is the owner and who informs me that a new order of Kauni is in the foreseeable future! Be still my heart! So I stifle my screaming desire for instant gratification on this day, and eagerly look forward to a big pay off down the road.

That's all I have for you today, my knit-friends. The kitchen is calling me; beef stroganoff and artichokes for dinner tonight, then it's off to the Princess to see "Into the Wild".