Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boo-hoo Bohus

So I have to face the truth; my Bohus Green Mist Jacket will not be ready in time for Madrona. For weeks, I have been grinding away, sacrificing time with family, friends, pets and household chores, pursuing the single minded dream of proudly wearing my beautiful Bohus among people who would really understand and appreciate its wonderfulness

This dream came to a rude awakening this past weekend, when I was forced to acknowledge what I have been firmly deluding myself about: the gauge for the hand knit fronts and the machine knit back and sleeves do not match. I was forced to confront my knitterly denial during assembly. Even I couldn't ignore the pucker factor in the side seam/back join. This garment would not hang straight and dignified around my hips in the best traditions of Swedish couture knitting. No, it would, instead, comically ride up in back, perhaps to accommodate a pair of clowns pants. Not the look I am striving for.

The disappointment was crushing, but I want this sweater to be done right. I consoled myself in a very mature way-I rolled on the floor playing with the Badgerman, then I packed the thing up and hid it in the darkest corner of the UFO bin to be dealt with another day. (Right)

But now I have nothing to wear for Madrona.

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