Monday, June 30, 2008

Put up time

Well, well. Time sure does fly when one is not blogging. I've been trying to get my rear in gear, but mostly I've been whining to myself that many of the fabulous NW blogs that I have been enjoying have all gone into hibernation at about the same time. Sigh. In order to get blogs, one must post blogs, right? Like Christmas cards. So I am going to try to fill some of the vacuum. Time to put up or shut up. If nothing else, I may send some of the real bloggers running (screaming) back to their computers. Hey, whatever it takes.

Yes, I have been knitting, but no, I haven't finished much. If there is a poster for the Startitis foundation, it must have my picture on it. Speaking of pictures-

This is like a summer dream. I have the LK 150 out on the deck on the first beautiful day of our NW summer. I am working on "Purly Girl" from the summer issue of Knitwords magazine, don't know the issue number off the top of my head.

Notice that I am keeping the knitter in the shade at all times. The LK 150 has a very sturdy plastic frame, but I don't want to find out the hard way that I shouldn't have left my expensive little knitter out in the sunlight. The demise of crayons comes to mind. I also cover it with a towel when I have to step away to keep tree crap and bugs out. I spent a lovely afternoon out in the fresh air, listening to the birds (...and my MP3 player when the dog next door wouldn't stop barking at me. It's like he'd never seen/heard a KM before...?)


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